Massages and baths at the Jerzner Hof

Wellness baths and Ayurveda massages, hot stone, marmot, and goat's butter. Enjoy ambitious wellness treatments in our soft pack tub and let indulge you with the hands of our massagers... 




Alpienne Treatments

Classical Sports massage


This massage focuses on your back and legs and kneads, strokes and rolls them thoroughly. These techniques loosen and relax your skin and muscles. Your metabolism, skin functions and lymphatic system are activated. Or in other words: it is simply a joy to treat your body to this kind of treatment.

€ 31,– for 25 minutes

Burro di Karité Massage

(Shea Butter)

This massage is done with sheabutter which is extracted from the nut of growing in Central Africa on the "tree of life". It relaxes the muscles of the intestines, acts positively on the skin and back muscles. Scar tissue becomes more elastic. Healing effect on psoriasis, neurodermatitis and scars. Very nourishing and moisturizing.

€ 38,– for 30 minutes
€ 64,– for 50 minutes

Full Body MAssage 

It massages in particular your back, neck, legs and arms. Your metabolism, skin functions and lymphatic system are activated. Or in other words: It is simply a joy to treat your body to this kind of treatment.


€ 56,– for 50 minutes



With a mix of himalaya crystal salt and high qualtiy oil. At dry or oily skin it's successfully. Crystal salt has the neutral force for pH balancing and detoxifying effect. The skin is better supplied with blood and streamlined pleasant. During the treatment you get a saline mud mask for the face and feel the pleasant effect of a head massage.


€ 60,- for 50 minutes

Head Massage 


In this application, stress states are balanced in the head area. Optimal with tension headaches, migraines or other tension around the head.

€ 32,– for 25 minutes

Marmot oil Massage

Full body massage with marmot oil. Marmot oil acts for rheumatic complaints, tension and arthritis. Regenerating after a busy and active day.


€ 64,– for 50 minutes

Hot Stones

Hot Stone Behandlung

Slipping into warmth, contact, and a feeling of security. The whole body is massaged with warm lava stones and oil, while you are serenaded with Hawaiian music. Utter joy, which will bring you a soothing feeling of deep relaxation. For the hot stone massage 50 lava stones are heated to 50º - 55º C. Some of the stones are put onto certain energy centres and reflex points of the body to stimulate and warm them. The other stones are used more or less intensely for the massage. The lava stones have a high ability to store warmth because they were created from the heat. First of all: they also have an innate healing ability. They give stability, power, clarity, soothe anger and create understanding. This massage releases tension, warms the body through and through, boosts the blood circulation, activates the self-healing powers and leads to a state of deep relaxation. In harmony with yourself you can greet the day with a smile.
Not suitable in case of: pregnancy, vein problems (varicose veins), heart problems


€ 85,– for 70 minutes

“Jerzner-Hof-Style Bathing” with a floating lounge chair

Enjoy pure relaxation as you float. Hydrostatic water pressure helps your muscles to fully relax at a constant 38° C. We particularly recommend a massage after bathing. Baths - unless otherwise instructed - take 25 minutes each.

Cleopatra Poultice


The special ingredients of goat's milk and natural oils nourish your skin silky smooth and fresh.

€ 38,– per bath

Bath to choice 

The water floating lounger, a very special bathing experience!
Decide on a bath only after you have arrived in the hotel. Decide on a bath only after you have arrived in the hotel.

€ 38,– per bath

Rose petal cream bath


This treatment is moisturising, lifts the spirit and balances the skin's natural lipid content. It counteracts the cell ageing process - and the result is a soft fragrant skin.


€ 38,– for 30 minutes

Rock oil bath

Very suitable to treat aching muscles and joints, when the locomotor system has been strained, for skin problems such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis and impure skin.

Tirolese natural remedy, particularly recommendable after a long day of skiing or

a hike.

€ 38,– per bath 

Evening primrose oil bath


Evening primrose oil is one of the most of precious oils in the world. Die ingredients of the evening primrose oil nourish especially at delicate and dry skin. The evening primrose is a plant which is stimulating the metabolism and the blood flow of the skin. This bath is heavily greasing and appeals against the aging process. Let your body nourish with a mix of goat's butter creme, evening primrose-, almond-, wheat- and linseed oil. 

€ 38,– per bath 

Algae purging wrap

Algae have a particularly purging and detoxing effect on the body. They are good against cellulite, and moisturize and clean the skin. A very soothing and relaxing bath.

€ 38,– per bath

Natural mud bath


In particular after accidents and sports injuries, for articular problems and women's diseases. An ancient natural remedy! The mud develops its effect in two ways. On the one hand it has the ability to store heat and release it slowly, and on the other hand it contains agents such as humic acids and humic matters, which have a positive effect on the body.

€ 38,– per bath

hay bath 


In particular for problems in the gastro-intestinal zones, rheumatic problems and problems of the airways! An ancient method from the Alpine region to treat your body to something special. Wrapped in moist warm hay, the active agents of the Alpine hay unfold. With every breath you take in essential oils, natural agents and wellbeing, and the ingredients of the hay improve the blood circulation and purge the entire body.

€ 38,– per bath 

Rasul bath in a brine steam bath for 2 people


the ideal treatment for a couple in a brine inhalation steam bath. You will enjoy the aroma of the steaming herbs. You will also apply the mud to your partner's entire body and massage it with circling movements. Afterwards you rub down each other bodies with sea salt, which has a peeling effect. You will also be given a glass of champagne to refresh you.


€ 25,– per person for 60 minutes

Brine inhalation steam bath for 2 people


Very recommendable before a massage or for very delicate skin as well as breathing problems or an acute cold. You are in a private steam cabin nobody else has access to (ideal for 2 people!).

€ 30,– per person for 60 minutes

Algae purging wrap

Algae have a particularly purging and detoxing effect on the body. They are good against cellulite, and moisturize and clean the skin. A very soothing and relaxing bath.

€ 38,– per bath


Where nature unfolds its full glory, up there, where the plants the people divulge special forces, that is the home of Alpienne. The exceptional quality of entirely natural products based on the fact that only raw materials are used from controlled wild collection for their production: herbs and plants such as arnica, St. John's wort, propolis, calendula and Swiss Stone Pine from their self-chosen, own best alpine habitat in which they can develop the biggest potency. These natural ingredients are carefully harvested by hand by expert people who have ancestral experience appropriated and gently processed using traditional manual methods.

Alpienne massage products, which you may choose at the partial and full body massage:
Partial body € 3, - // Full € 5, -

  • Marmot oil - "Oil of life" is ideal for rheumatism, skin diseases, arthritis, gout, sciatica and lumbago.
  • St. John's Wort - A "long-known home remedy". It is used for burns, sunburn, scars and skin irritations. It also helps prevent stretch marks.
  • Arnica - A "versatile oil". One can treat contusions, bruising, swelling, sprains, aching muscles and veins so.

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