Sophisticated and stimulating Get new energy.

Do your workout on Precor machines like ski star Benni Raich, who lives in the near surroundings. Activate your circulation in a light-flooded ambience. The **** hotel Jerzner hof is an insider tip as spa resort and as active hotel in Tyrol.

Do your work-out like Benni Raich.

Our fitness center, with a total area of 110 m² is on the second floor above the gym. Entrance is over the Feng Shui terrace or directly from the hotel on the first floor.


  • upright cardio bike
  • recumbent bike (all machines with touch-heart-rate)
  • cross trainer
  • treadmill
  • shoulder press
  • leg press
  • ab trainer
  • back trainer
  • negative butterfly
  • kick machine
  • single stroke station
  • dumb-bell station
  • stretch trainer


Move to new well-being

vitality program

Move into the new day, the new week, the new season - move into a new kind of well-being! The ****hotel Jerzner Hof is an insider tip as spa resort and as active hotel in Tyrol. It is the perfect starting point for an exciting and activevacation in the beautiful nature of Tyrol. Sometimes it's only a small step from daily routine and bustle to recreation and relaxation. Find your way to more well-being and visit our fitness center with a total area of 110m².

As easy as activity holiday gets

Pilates with Daniela

Our Pilates coach Martina creates your personal fitness plan and offers free Pilatus lessons 1-2 times a week!


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